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 Hey guess what yup. 
Today is the last day for a free request and then after that is half off!! 
So quick I will draw up to ten per character for one person. 
So yes I do draw Sonic, Homestuck, dog, cat, ect ect ect. 

So the person to list their ten characters will receive 2 headshots, 1 body shot, one drawn/or colored on computer. Yes it sounds a lot if you known me~! 

(Homestuck only) 

1. I can do a chat for you
2. Same as the top
3. Ref (if you haven't so that)


It it is only open for watchers only! So please don't just now watch me because

"Oh look Free Request, oh no it's only for watchers... Quick watch her and them see if she will take my characters and draw them." 

No it won't work like that. But anyways do name and send reference to me and I will draw them.
Jack-o-Trolls and Jack-o-Spirit adoptable {4/4} by Sonadowfire
Jack-o-Trolls and Jack-o-Spirit adoptable {4/4}
These are a closed speices Open!!

          All together is 200 points. 

         Customs are 40 points each. 
        1-o 2-o 3-o 4-o 

        x-closed o-open
       1. Coptic Cross- He was a night keeper until his daughter died in a deep slumber. It broked his heart and he soon turned into an assassin. It took him five years until he let his guard which ended his life. It wasnt until he granted with another life. 
                    Owner: none  Cost 20 points 

       2. Saturn- After many years on being alone to his sister told him to travel to worlds finding new ways to come alive and living souls. It lasted for millions of years until he found nearly 20 foot frozen water. One of his 26 moons he found two of them containing water and slight life. (yes its is true. Scientists found two of Saturns moon has life. Like water life.)  
                  Owner: none  Cost 20 points

       3. Theater/Joker- He is a she, she is a he. He is the Joker. He was known as "Joker" and he was known as cheering children, playing small games, and make them smile. It was until he shocked the devils hand which ended his career and life. It was until some one chanted for his life to come back which was his mormail but soon his mormail died from old age. 
                  Owner: none  Cost 50 or higher 
       4. Troll Cross- When he was a baby his parents who lived in Land of Nights, (Schandinavain) who was against evil spirits. Luck was ran into the family until he showed up. Their luck ran out, and sadly an evil spirit killed their child in his sleep. And now he haunts the night looking for his family.
                 Owner: none Cost 20 points
TF2 Achivement's by Sonadowfire
TF2 Achivement's
This is for any one to use. This is free and thats what the titles says
Jack-o-Trolls by Sonadowfire
These little guys and gals. There are the rarest trolls which their blood is purely black, which is rare. They are also sprites which were brought back by cures(s), and ect from both trolls and humans. Their eyes have two candle lights and sometimes three, it is rare to see them with only one candle light. They only appear on halloween and then they will go into deep sleep. The world they live in is "world of Sleep and Death" Their are many forms into one Jack-o-Troll. 

Sometimes they can/not eat if they need to. If they do eat normally get fresh candles when their candles go out. And when that happens they can die, they only have 14 hours to find a couple or three candles until they die forever. They need alot of attention, love, and care. Sometimes they can stay awake up to next year but then they do have to go to sleep. 

How these little guys start out in their first stage is that they are in a Spirit form but way smaller than the average Sprite. They are about 2' to 3' and supper chubby. Then it swiftly changes (level up) to a average sprite form but they gain sometimes a tail with bones, early symbols, and/or their wings. It is rare which is ranged to one to one million to get their wings. Their powers are healing, psychic, fire, water, and earth. They do have feelings, when they blush their symbols with glow a to a light cherry red to bright cherry red. Rarely sad, they can get mad but dont try getting them mad. They can be Lusus to a grub. 

They are very friendly to one another, and to their adopted childern/grubs. 

- 2/3 candle lights
- weird symbols
- glowly symbols
- appear on halloween

- one candle
- no symbols
- or being in any other holiday
- wings


Drawn&created: :iconsonadowfire: 
Do not re-post this on Facebook, Tumbler, Inseagram, or what ever other sites. 

The fist one was random. The second one is this… . It explains the picture. 

 If you want a custom your going to have to wait. It will be between 20-600 points. Twenty to six hundred so you don't get confused. 
KenzKitty Homestuck character by Sonadowfire
KenzKitty Homestuck character
This is only for :iconkenzkitty: and she adopted one of my character which I gave a free ref drawing and she filled out the info. 

It is only free ,ref, when you adopt one of my characters (adoptions). 
Do not steal unless you are :iconkenzkitty: Hope you enjoy. 


Sonadowfire has started a donation pool!
20 / 60
Ref: 5 points for each character. Unless in adoptable is free.
Adoptables: how ever much it is price goes here.
Commissions: go here
Anything selling goes here.

You must be logged in to donate.


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United States
Request {OPEN}Yeah you read right. The requests are open but they will cost points. 
I know I am busy with the upcoming of school (high school) and several contest I joined up. I also know that there were a few that I didn't get finished or haven't started on them. (Old request) which I will draw and here are 
The rules. 
1. Tell me if you want it drawn, colored, painted (still working on), ect. 
2. Send me a ref of the character(s) you want on the picture. 
3. Pixel animation will take a very long time so if you want one please say so. 
4. If you want more than one character(s) on the picture then tell me. 
5. "How much will the *insert what ever art shit* cost?" That depends on picture.
Like say for an example: "I want *insert character(s)* and I want it done in a line art." Then I would reply back saying "Okay that will be *insert how many
Commissions {Open}Commission: OPEN 
5- 10 points 
(a day or two)
Pixel art-
is a range of 20-40 points each. Now it will take me 1 to 5 weeks to get done!!! Depends on character(s)!!
Animated Pixel art- 
20- 30 points each
(takes up to 1 to 4 days to complete) 
 is only 10 points.
Depends on your character like humans, werewolves, dragons, and ect it will take 1 to 2 weeks to be finish 
is only 10 points and it doesn't take long to draw character (s) out.
It will take one or two days to finish. 
it is only 17 points. It deals with chibi art, baby dragon art, pony art, and ect. 
An hour depending on the day/time it is
Only 8 points, give me any characters like ponies, sonic and ect. 
It will be ready in 2 - 3 days. 

Flag: Germany by TheStampKingFlag: Italy by TheStampKingFlag: France by TheStampKing
Learning (level 2) Learning (level 1) Learning (level 1)

Flag: USA by TheStampKingFlag: Spain by TheStampKing
Learning (level 11) Learning (level 1)

My real friends and family is
sis- :iconeddmarie:
friends- :iconsilent-shy-serenity:

Who I think are super awesome and dont know them XDD
:icon000123456: :iconexusagi: :iconkingteatea: :iconkamechuu: :iconflashyfashionfraud: :icontmntmikeyamoly: :icondeadpool-wadewilson: :iconanycartoonrp-joker: :iconspectra615: :iconleonardo2012fan: :iconanycarrp-leonardo: :iconanycartoonrp-karai: :iconcmara:

Refs: 5 points each (one per character)
Adoptables: look in the picture to see
Commissions: are open
Request: are open.

Pixel art of America by Sonadowfire England football by Sonadowfire Middy by Sonadowfire
All pixel art up above!!

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